Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Seed Inventory

Saved from my garden:
A dozen painted lady runner beans
A couple dozen nasturium brains
Blue Poppy Seeds, 3tbsp full, which is a shit ton.
Mystery sunflower seeds.  large and black.  mammoth?  think mammoth are gray striped

Saved from ?
mystery pumpkin seeds
pie pumpkin. whatever that means.  saved last year.
lavender seed.  from my sister's flowers.

Honeybee habitat scatter garden flower mix.  covers 125 square feet.
buckwheat, 2tbsp seeds
Sunzilla Sunflowers, 2012, Renee's Garden
Luffa, 2009, New Dimension
Ruby Streaks mustard, 2tsp? 2012 Territorial
Golden Streak mustard, about the same amount
black velvet nasturtiums, 2012, territorial
tomato, black plum roma, 2012, Siskiyou seeds.
Sunflower, moonshadow, 2013, territorial
carrots, purple sun hybrid, 2013 territorial
bush beans.  bush runner bean.  hestia.  2012.  territorial
pole beans. 2012.  violet podded stringless
basil genovese.  ?
purple beauty sweet pepper.  2008!  territorial.  i suck at bell peppers.
gold nugget cherry tomatoes.  2011. territorial.  i love these.
tomatoes.  taxi.  2013.  they were ok.  territorial.
peppers. mini red bells.  2013. territorial
lemon cukes.  2013.  territorial
mustard greens. southern giant curled.  2008.  botanical interests.  should be still good? great plants.
mighty mustard kodiak.  2013. territorial. giant package.
carrot dragon.  2009.  Seed Saver's Exchange.  SSE
carrot romance hybrid.  2013. territorial
onions red baron hybrid. scalion. 2013. territorial
broccoli.  summer purple.  2013. territorial
beets. merlin.  2012. territorial.
swiss chard orange. irish eyes
nasturtium glorious gleam trailing mix.  2013 ed hume
magenta orach 2012 ProjectGrow of Port City Development Center in North Portland.
Renee's Garden: merveille de quatre saisons 2009 lettuce
lettuce looseleaf italienischer 2013 territorial
radish runderschwarzer winter 2013
spinach bordeaux hybrid 2012 territorial
lettuce valmaine romaine 2013 territorial
" victoria butterhead
kale improved dwarf siberian 2012 territorial

yeah.  this puts a damper on my enthusiastic list making for my new seed catalogs.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Winter Bird Friends

How to keep birds happy in winter: grow rosemary and other tubey flowers for your hummingbird friends, have birdfeeders with assorted foods, dishes of water, and do not live in the midwest where it is colder than the south pole, currently.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Eggs and end of summer veggies

Melt butter on medium hot.  Throw in a few chopped garlic cloves, a block of tofu cut into 2 inch blocks.  Um add a little olive oil because you didn't add enough butter at the intro. Add a handful of roughly chopped tomatoes. Mine are Black Krim, small but mighty.  Add one summer squash thinly sliced.  Add salt, pepper, a little bit of ground cumin, and a little bit of some kind of smoky chili powder and cook until the squash is all tenderlike.  Add a couple eggs and slightly scramble in the middle of the mess. Eat. Verdict from kid: not too bad.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Oh fuck how I have missed you and your terrible characters.
P.S. Bears all the way?  :/

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Tiny Tornado

Inspired by a couple of parents that accept their kid.  I hope to do the same.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Eating Nasturtium

I do not like nasturtium in my mouth.  I've tried the flowers.  I've tried the leaves.  I've tried the seedpods.  I've tried these all straight off the vine.

However, nasturtium seedpods when picked green and soaked in pickle juice for two weeks are pretty good.

I may yet try the trick of cream cheese stuffed nasturtium flowers. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Finally, a poppy flower.

Small human visitors had picked the fuzzy buds before they got to bloom last month.  I am so glad this one got to this stage.